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Working Partner: Cluster-Cluster

Cluster-Cluster was conceived in response to the gap between high-end interior luxury brands and mass market choices in Singapore, as well as long delivery times that could go up to six weeks. It aims to provide a seamless online shopping experience at reasonable prices, and stylishly decorate spaces one click at a time, with a mix of well-curated and self-designed home and living accessories.

We had a chat with Tiffany T., Founder & Creative Director, on the process of decorating and the easiest way to transform a space.

Why the name “Cluster-Cluster”?

I use to be quite an avid gamer, and in the past reviewed and hosted a video games show for ESPN. It was my love for video games that funnily inspired me to name my e-store Cluster-Cluster. Specifically, it was the game Katamari Damacy, that has you, the player, roll up all sorts of objects into one, sometimes the size of a planet. This inspired me to come up with the word “cluster”. It then made sense to me that to “cluster” is to gather together (as we do in our favourite places). I wanted to emphasise that we as an e-store offer a cluster of accessories for all to gather and enjoy.

Cluster-Cluster has outfitted a number of micro-environments within The Working Capitol. What were the ideas behind these? 

We’ve styled two spaces for The Working Capitol to encourage discussion, creativity and comfort. With our lounge space at The Commons, we had our rocker chairs and accessories set up to allow meetings in a cosy setting, which doubles up as a space to hang back and chill. Because of the yellow backdrop, we decided to use colours that blend well with yellow and create a tropical setting to give off a relaxing beach holiday vibe — a nice break away from the standard office setting.

The second space we styled was the Workshop. Because this room is used for meetings and seminars, we had to style it to accommodate lots of movement and change. We decided to go with a bold tropical wallpaper print for the walls to break the monotony of the room. We felt our Old Havana design would be perfect for that, topped off with a few of our decorative accessories from our e-store.

What is the first thing you look out for in a space?

Naturally, the first thing I look out for in these spaces is how things are decorated to cater to the way the layout of a space is. We’re not all blessed with high ceilings and large windows, so it’s always interesting to see how people decorate and style within the confines of a space to create an inviting environment for everyone.

What is the one thing or element that can transform any space?

Wallpaper! It’s the easiest and quickest way to transform a space, and can be removed easily.

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