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Community Spotlight: Ella Badis, Hootsuite

We go inside Hootsuite APAC to get up close and personal with one of their friendliest faces: Ella Badis, Social Media Coach.

Ella Badis is a Social Media Coach (also known as Product Expert or Social Consultant) at social media management dashboard company Hootsuite, where she works on projects and initiatives to further optimize the customer’s social media journey and to make them champions of the Hootsuite product and brand.

The joy Ella takes in helping others reach a fuller potential is evident, whether it’s at her job educating Hootsuite customers, understanding their pain points, and linking them up with solutions, or on the weekends teaching Math and English to lower primary school kids.

The natures of both Ella and her full-time role also converge in spurring her on to do things better and keep things fresh. She lives by a focused mantra to challenge herself daily; at Hootsuite, this means staying on top of social trends and skills, while experimenting with new ideas.

Speaking of new ideas, the Hootsuite team is expanding and preparing to launch new product features this month. Watch this space.