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3 Legal Health Checks You Can Do for your Business

Sarah Hales, a commercial lawyer and Sales Manager at Dragon Law, stopped by The Working Capitol this week for a session of TWC Office Hours and one-on-one consultations with our members, on the house.

Somewhere in between, she found the time to share with us three vital questions you can ask yourself to assess the legal well-being of your own business, and some measures you can take now to protect it in the future.

1. Have you agreed with your shareholders the rules around key decision making and how shares can be transferred?

Be sure to put a Shareholders Agreement in place so that all expectations are clear.

2. Is your intellectual property and confidential information protected?

Have the correct agreements established with your consultants, employees and partners, and protect your I.P. with registrations.

3. Are you doing business online?

Ensure you have a Website Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use in line with Singapore law. Update your Terms & Conditions for online clients to maximise your protection.

Thanks, Sarah! These tips are a great place to start. To be connected with people and tools that can provide a thorough legal assessment, get in touch with Dragon Law today.