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Community Spotlight: Wani Diwarkar, PR Bespoke

The art and heart of Public Relations seems to be built into the DNA of Wani Diwarkar.

While Singapore has been home for over 12 years, Wani comes from the island country of Fiji. There, the way of life is “honesty, loyalty and kindness in people” — qualities which Wani responds to and treasures.

Now, after some interesting stints with Fulford Public Relations and Marina Bay Sands, she is the Managing Director of PR Bespoke, a boutique lifestyle communications agency specialising in, among other things, product launches and event publicity, and where she operates on these selfsame qualities of honesty, loyalty, and goodwill.

“PR is about relationships, honest communication and the ability to tell it as you see it,” Wani says, before adding, “with a bit of filter.”

Relationships, Wani is aware, are the raison d’être of the PR agency. What is heartening to note is how her faith in these interhuman bonds clearly translates into all other aspects of her life, both professional and personal.

For example, she describes her definition of success as a “happy team,” and the satisfaction from staying rooted in her “gem of a neighbourhood” here in Singapore as stemming from this: “Our family has grown around the same neighbours, restaurant owners and waitstaff, and aunties from Fairprice, and after a long day at work, it’s lovely to escape to the warmth of these people who have made us feel very welcome.”