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Community Spotlight: Aditya Haripurkar

Aditya Haripurkar hustles.

It’s possible that his work ethic is residue from his days in the banking sector. Aditya spent seven years in the industry until he “realised that corporate life was not for me and that my true passion lied in digital and technology.”

After that, the Mumbai native (“best city in India!”) quit his job and started a digital marketing agency. He subsequently worked at a digital analytics consulting business for two more years before co-founding East Owl Ventures in late 2015.

East Owl Ventures is a venture-building organisation that builds innovative and sustainable companies backed by seasoned entrepreneurs. Its vision is to provide great user experiences through problem-solving products and services across verticals, and it focuses on the areas of financial technology (FinTech) and Internet of Things (IoT).

In Aditya’s view, “FinTech is riding a massive wave across the world, and it remains to be seen how many sustainable business models emerge from this.” He sees an opportunity for Singapore to emerge as the leading hub for FinTech innovation with the help of the Monetary Authority of Singapore “creating sandbox regulations for startups to experiment.”

“IoT on the other hand will continue leading the way in terms of data collection for enterprises across verticals,” he says, adding that he expects “a lot of IoT devices and advanced A.I. algorithms integrated with essential services” in the future.

East Owl Ventures specifically is in the pre-launch phase for two products: HitPay, a peer-to-peer contextual payments application, and Beacon Hustle, a cloud-based proximity analytics and engagement platform using beacons. An unnamed smart home device for millennials is also in the works, and slated for later this year.

In this is the alternate explanation for Aditya’s seemingly bottomless energy when it comes to the grind: to him, it’s not a grind. “As cliched as it sounds, my work is my biggest source of inspiration,” he says. “In fact, I would go as far as saying that I am currently working on some of the best projects of my life, so the question of motivation does not arise at all.”

Still, Aditya is not exempt from entrepreneurial fears about failing. He responds to this anxiety “by trying to stay in the present, learning from past mistakes and not taking anything for granted.”

Judging by the rate that he’s going, it’s clear that he’s got at least that last bit covered.