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Our F&B

The Working Capitol has always been more than a Co-Working company. Our approach as a lifestyle brand utilizes a differentiated model of Real Estate, Office Space, Co-Working and F&B, positioning ourselves as true Neighbourhood Builders. Our efforts throughout the Keong Saik area have been instrumental in the transformation of the street which is now an acclaimed destination for lifestyle and F&B operators.

shake shack

shake shack

American favourite, Shake Shack joins The Working Capitol campus with their perfected burgers and delicious frozen custards. Located in our 89 Neil Road property, Shake Shack serves up their signature dishes (with some special edition menu items) in their South East Asian Flagship outlet.

Man Man

Man Man specialises in freshly grilled Unagi, imported and grilled to perfection as their signature dish. Watch it grilled live in front of you and enjoy accompaniments like fresh wasabi and a variety of sauces. With a tender yet crispy texture it’s the perfect combination for unagi fans.

man man japanese unagi restaurant



Located at the heart of Keong Saik, One-Michelin-starred Meta offers dishes and flavour combinations reinterpreted to reflect Chef Sun Kim’s culinary experiences and Korean heritage. Their innovative tasting menus showcase a mixture of Korean flavours combined with Japanese techniques and largely Australian ingredients for a much-lauded gastronomic experience.

Heart of Darkness

Hailing from Saigon, the award-winning Heart of Darkness Brewery’s Singapore outpost is located at 1 Keong Saik Road. Inspired by American’s craft beer scene’s constant pursuit of innovation, Heart of Darkness produces over 100 new beers a year - all while ensuring the highest standard of quality and consistency. Their beer offerings range from bold IPAs to playful brews that feature flavours like chilli, cucumber, and even coconut! A toothsome gastropub menu is also available.

heart of darkness

don ho

don ho

Found at the back of our building, get ready to dine in a cosier and intimate setting at Don Ho Social Kitchen & Bar. The moment you step into the space, prepared to get overwhelmed (in a good way) with the large palms, the jungalow-inspired wallpaper and mismatched collection of cushions on the seats. Food is served sharing-style which encourages diners to engage more with each other.

Puteca Abate

Puteca Abate Italian Street Food Deli brings the conviviality of Italian cuisine to our 1 Keong Saik campus. With their selection of paninis, pasta and pizzas by the slice, it’s the perfect spot to pick up a comforting meal and even some pantry essentials from their alimentari section - including pasta, wine, charcuterie, cheeses and antipasti.

puteca abate

F&B Solutions

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