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Working Partner: TruLiving

TruLiving is a health, wellness and conscious living platform created for the growing numbers of people across Asia seeking to cultivate a healthier, more intentional way of living.

Katy Koyich-Pourrat is co-founder of TruLiving, which she started to tackle the lack of choice, information and community when it comes to healthy living.

As The Working Capitol’s new in-house health and wellness curator, she will be handpicking the healthiest options Singapore has to offer and integrating them into the TWC membership. From deals at fitness studios, juice bars and organic grocers to in-house yoga and meditation classes and even to more energising snacks in our pantries, our aim and Katy’s is to make the whole process of healthy, conscious living easier, cheaper, and more convenient for everyone in our space.

We talk with Katy to learn more about the turning point in her life and the three simple steps you can take towards living more consciously.

How did TruLiving come about?

The company was founded by me and my soul sister turned business partner, Georgina. Whilst planning our exits from our corporate lives, we found ourselves connecting weekly on Skype (I was living in Europe at the time and Georgina is in Beijing). We would catch up on life, daydreaming of being our own bosses, brainstorming ideas and sharing our mutual desire to create something based on passion and purpose.

Fast forward to almost a year later in Goa, India where we spent a month living deep in the jungle, training to become Yoga teachers. Let’s just say there is nothing like 14 hours a day of Yoga and meditation to bring clarity and help you understand your purpose and you want to do with your life!


How did you personally make the shift to living more intentionally?

They often say you have to find darkness before you can find the light, and I would say I am a living example of that.

I was living a “healthy” lifestyle by many people’s standards – eating well, exercising regularly, practicing yoga – and yet I was finding myself exhausted, not sleeping well, with severe acne and anxiety levels through the roof. Two years of chronic stress had led me to numerable health problems including an auto-immune disease and adrenal fatigue.

It was only once my Mum passed away from a terminal illness that I “woke up” and became aware of how far I had pushed myself. I realised that life is too short to drift through by just coping. I decided that stress would no longer govern my life and that I possess all that I need to control my reactions and my reality.


What does true living mean to you?

Honor your body. Eat real food. Drink water. Sweat daily. Stretch. Breathe. Contemplate. Meditate. Observe your thoughts. Ask questions. Listen well. Have real conversations. Express gratitude. Be curious. Keep an open mind. Get grounded in nature. Be kind to the environment. Consume consciously. Use real products created by real people. Learn from ancient wisdom. De-clutter your life. Keep a journal of your thoughts. Express your emotions. Get excited about life’s possibilities. Follow your intuition. Have compassion for others. Avoid drama. Laugh often. Live with intention. Act with integrity. Love yourself. Be true to you.


What are the first steps someone can take towards such a lifestyle?

  1. Breathe.

Do not underestimate the power of breath to help manage your stress, observe situations, and bring clarity like never before.

  1. Stretch.

We spend so much of our lives hunched over, whether it be at the computer or on our phones. Stretching is just as important as exercise! It not only makes you feel wonderful, more open, and clear-headed, but it will bring you flexibility in your body and life. Promise.

  1. Love yourself.

Make space for you and your interests, free yourself from worry and self-criticism, avoid comparing yourself to others, celebrate your victories, and learn from your mistakes. Give yourself a break!

TruLiving will also be bringing some enriching events to TWC open to the public. The first is a meditation and soundscape experience, ‘Immersive Contemplations,’ on the evening of Friday, 12th August with The Vibe Tribe and The Digital Shamans.