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The TWC Garage Sale: Once mine, now yours.

“Preloved”, first as a word, and then as an adjective, makes all the sense in the world. It really just means “secondhand”, but that just doesn’t pack the sentiment that “preloved” will; once adored and cherished by me, now it’s your turn. You see that word sprawling all around your digital C2C marketplaces – Carousell being the obvious one.

But in our superficially quick attempt at closing the deal through its chat feature, we miss out on one very important facet of the sale of preloved knick-knacks – the conversation! The stories behind that patterned shirt or that vintage lamp you purchased at a bargain? That little “my junk versus your junk” debate you share with the seller? The new friends you make? Where would you still get those?

So we’re hosting a Garage Sale, right? We’re literally calling it just that. Our friends and members at LOPELAB will be co-hosting this, which plays out perfectly because we’ve got 7,127 sqft of empty space with a 4.3m high ceiling, and LOPELAB are maestros at urban design and redesign. Urban Ventures, the Urban Design Festival and other street parties you wished you’d attended? That was them, and their signature blue crates will be appearing again!

While we’re working to fill the space up with concepts that add to The Working Capitol experience for members and non-members alike, we thought we’d go have some fun with it in the meantime by means of a garage sale. We’ll get to the different items and goodies that’ll be on sale, but first, we want to let you know how we’ve set the mood!

If you’ve made past all the distractions on offer in Orchard Towers to the fourth floor, you’ll find a neon-lit hotdog joint that will pair Negronis and champagne with your very affordable hotdogs. They’re setting up a stand at our garage sale, so you can ponder on your sales over a wide array of condiments. Sounds mustard.

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But what about the music? Look, we’ll start you off with some beats, but we also want you to know that we’ll be leaving open decks in the space so you can do that one thing school rarely taught you to – express yourselves. Take your 2-hour shift on our decks and show us what makes you move!

Oh yes! What’s on sale? Glad you asked. Beer glasses, and non-beer glasses. From tables and chairs, to table-tops to stools. From your forks and spoons, to a whole culinary set. Buy yourselves some fans like Instagram models do. Need saucers? Got them. Plates? Heaps of them. A fire extinguisher? A couple. A urinal? Just the one. Think “household” and “costs you never factored for when you BTO-ed”.

“Preloved”. Such a word, and such a vibe. We hope you join us and our community for an afternoon to remember, over bargains, beers, beats, and hotdogs, and bask in the smiles that will be around. Say hello and ask us about these items as well – we’ll probably have a good story behind them!

Check for updates on the Facebook event page here, and if you think you’ve got concepts that could work in our space in 89NR, get in touch at [email protected]. Our Head of Biz and Ops (HoBO) is a charm and you’ll enjoy the conversation!