Snuggly setting? Check. Wholesome grub? Check. Mai Tai? Check. Tucked away at The Working Capitol lies Singapore’s best-kept secret – Bula!

Four letters, but multiple meanings. In Fiji, when you say bula to someone, we could be wishing them life, saying hello or bidding goodbye.

A little bit more about our new F&B partner – Bula’s humble beginnings are in alcohol distributorship, but with a team of experienced personnel combined with peerless technology, it allowed the team behind Bula to create Bula Café & Bar. The Beer Garden, aptly renamed Taki Taki, which means cheers in Fiji, will be dedicated to serving elaborate rum-based drinks, right in the perch of Keong Saik Road.

In life, we all form strong bonds with the people around us and as a shared working space, The Working Capitol provides this unique environment for Bula to lay their foundation on. Through the transformation of their ground level, Bula has reconstructed it into a chic setting of white wood, light colour palette interior decor to provide high quality food and drinks, coupled with an eclectic music playlist for visitors to just take a sip, have a coffee, a small bite to rest and recharge.

With the launch of their new menu, Bula has definitely made it harder for fickle eaters to choose what they prefer from the café. The menu entices the lunch crowds with six brand new rice bowls, plus a series of sourdough from the renowned Singapore-based Australian barbeque restaurant, Burnt Ends.

The last five years has transformed Keong Saik into a hood that is now crammed with the best bars and eateries in Singapore, and we are sure that Bula’s takeover of our Beer Garden will soon be added to the list of must-visits.

The Working Capitol gave an empty space for Bula to provide the life. Benefitting from the open concept that the Beer Garden has to offer, a tiki bar ambience envelops Taki Taki, all while exemplifying their Nirvana-esque motto throughout the space; “Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be”. Through this methodology, “marrying the two concepts of working hard and playing hard at life” did not seem so unconventional after all.

As one of the only dedicated tiki concept rum bars in Singapore, Taki Taki will always warmly welcome visitors, members or the public to bask in the evening dusk, the first of which takes place May 31, 2019.

Come one, come all, as we celebrate the launch of more than just a concept, but an ideal. What better way to draw the curtains on the month of May, then to bring new friendships and opportunities into June?