We held our first Trivia Night in The Working Capitol last week! We’re sure you’ve seen our posters online on our pages and offline in our space, or even live photos and videos on our Instagram from the night. If you haven’t though, we apologise, and we want to tell you more about why we hosted one, why it was a success, and why we’d want more of you to head on down for our next one!

It’s (almost) a no brainer – a break away from your desks to join us for a couple of beers and laughs, with the obvious element of trivia and a fun mental workout. We had our friend and member, Artika Sulaiman, of The Perfect Plan, to host the actual quiz from the night. That also means the arduous, yet rewarding, task of coming up with the questions.

Arduous because it’s definitely a challenge to tailor trivia to an audience, and a bigger one to tailor trivia to an audience with a world of information available on their fingertips. “No cheating, no Googling,” only go so far to maintain the integrity of the game, but Artika did splendidly in creating questions that covered categories like general knowledge, food, music, sports, and a cheeky pictures round where we made sense of a row of emojis – all more than enough to keep the six participating teams engaged and on their toes.

Rewarding! Because the quizmasters themselves are sure to learn new things as they architect the questions and mechanics of the quiz, as are the participants. As well as being fun, trivia has a host of benefits from health and social perspectives. Fact recollection, that two second discussion with your team before the eureka moment of realising the answer, is actually really good to keep your mind sharp through engagement of your frontal vortex.

I personally love a good trivia night – the disappointment of not knowing how many spokes a snowflake has (six!), is soon erased by the glory of knowing Steffi Graff is the only tennis player to have won at least four of each Grand Slam – there’s something to learn and to be proud of in every trivia night.

Come join us for our next one at The Working Capitol’s Bula Café & Bar. Show off what you know, come learn what you don’t, and all whilst sharing a laugh and a few beers!

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