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Organised Chaos: Our Pub Crawl

Location, location, location. Keong Saik is famous for being a hotbed for the best bars, and we’re smart enough to know that our strategic location was the perfect place to start our first bar-crawl, organised with some of our neighbours in the hood.

It was the perfect opportunity.

The idea was for our community members to bring their closest friends, colleagues to the event. There’s already a vast amount of talent within our buildings and spaces. We toyed around with the idea of spreading love, and the “gospel” on showing off our cool neighbours. We celebrate friendships, before romantic relationships. We forge new bonds, within our members and collaborate with new partners. Perfect beginnings.

A little look into the thought process behind all the madness: We wanted to give people an outlet to link with each other over great drinks and great conversation. With that great concept, Gobind, our Events & Partnerships Manager, took the opportunity to speak to our friends at Lime House, Gaston and Neon Pigeon – all within a 100m walking radius. Perfect conditions to keep the conversation flowing, just as fast as the drinks.

Pick your poison, we had it all that night. From good ol’ staples like beer and wine, to refreshing takes on old rum classics, refined French aperitifs, to the clear liquid gold that we know as sake, all hands were on deck to make sure that from 7 pm to 10 pm on 13th February 2019, everyone’s glasses were never empty.

Our first stop: Lime House for a zesty shot

Lime House does a great job of blending authentic Caribbean flavours with solid drink staples. A little starter of jerk chicken paired with a boozy but revitalising rum shot. We started the night right with this zesty number.

Second stop: Gaston

Gaston effortlessly creates an intimate French bistro dining environment. Here, we had French Paitise, a choice of traditional Ricard or new-age fun Lillet Blanc. If you’ve got a hankering for something French, rest assured they’ve got something for what ails you. Our members also got to enjoy $5 refills, and salut to that!

Our third stop: Neon Pigeon

Before we returned back to The Beer Garden for a round of pizza and drinking games, we stopped by downstairs at Neon Pigeon. This cool spot has all the essential elements of what you’d want from a traditional izakaya and the right amount of plot twists to keep you on your toes, and before we knew it, most of our members were drinking straight from the bottle, while James, our Sales & Relationships Manager, was on the hunt to see who got that sip of liquid gold.

And back to where it all started: Our final stop, at our Beer Garden

The next day, we spotted a couple of members chatting over coffee and tea at the pantry, while some conversations we overheard branched into collaborations and lunch dates. It was a great night of fun, but during the day, at work, life goes on now, with a dash of colour – human connections and friends.

Here at The Working Capitol, we’re interested in making real connections, with real people. Without our coworking partners, we wouldn’t be standing here today.

Our neighborhood and community is a bubbling pot of talent and opportunity and we’re only scratching the surface of being able to connect everyone together. The mindset is rather simple: if one of us eats, we all eat.

Expanding this mantra out a little bit further, this is a PSA to all – if you or your business has a great idea or concept, let’s chat at [email protected] and build something, together.