“The office cubicle is the enemy. Instead of working in a sea of walls that hinders the open exchange of ideas and communication, it is time for every individual to break free.”
– Ben Gattie, CEO, The Working Capitol

Innovation and inspiration don’t happen when we wall ourselves off. You find them when and where you least expect it – in the interstices and on the fringe. You find them by staying open, allowing yourself to be challenged, and chasing the frontier.

The idea to demolish the traditional office cubicle came from our belief in the necessity of human-centric space design for creativity and collaboration. It came from our belief that both literal and metaphorical walls need to come down before we can achieve our best work, and that the work of the future requires a rebuilding of our present ways of going about it.

We’re super excited to bring The Working Capitol and a new working experience to the Central Business District in Singapore, to harness its undeniable energy and create a community out of it. Be a part of that.

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