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Seeing You Through Covid-19

return to campus

The Working Capitol team is happy to be able to welcome our members back to Campus from Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020. Here are some new updates on changes and protocols we'll be enforcing to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and keep our campus safe.

accountable entry procedures

You will find each building’s entry protocol posted at their entrances. In line with Government regulations, we are enforcing the use of SafeEntry for all members and visitors. To aid with contact and movement tracing, entry to 1KS will be restricted to the main entrance through the café. During front desk hours (Mon-Fri, 830am-6pm), all visitors are also required to check in through 1KS. For more information about having visitors outside of these hours, please refer to FAQ #4.

mandatory use of masks

Members are required to wear masks while on campus. Each Working Capitol member will be provided with a reusable mask from us. This mask (along with a handy tool to help with dealing with high contact surfaces) will be given to you by our front desk team when you first return to campus. In line with Government regulations, face shields are only allowed for specific exempt groups or settings, they do not substitute wearing of masks on our campus.

social distancing

Safe Distancing measures have been implemented and enforced throughout the campus. To help take the guesswork of figuring out where you should stand or sit, we’ve put up clear signage & wayfinding throughout common areas.

increased hygiene and sanitation measures

To ensure safer shared spaces, we are continuing to ensure that cleaning is frequent and thorough. . Our cleaning crew has also gone through additional hygiene training to familiarize themselves with increased standards. Cleaning schedules are also displayed in common spaces for your reference. Our cleaning crew will also be wearing masks and gloves while on duty.

dealing with high touch and shared surfaces

QR codes will be displayed to provide you with access to forms on your personal devices. We’ve also introduced touch-free soap and hand sanitiser dispensers* in the space and provided you with a “clean key” tool to use as needed. Disinfectant wipes are also provided around the space and at sanitization stations and members are encouraged to utilise them to wipe down shared spaces and items before/after use.

News & Updates

keeping up to date

We understand the importance of creating an open channel of communication to update members, advise on new protocols, and support the community to the best of our abilities. Please check this page for the latest updates and information as we all get through this together.

22 May | Campus Update - End of Circuit Breaker

Dear Members,

The Government has announced the end of the Circuit Breaker. As a permitted service, we have been allowed to resume operations. Our team looks forward to welcoming you back to our campus on 2 June 2020!

Over the past 2 months, The TWC team has been working tirelessly to make the campus a comfortable and safe space for you to return to.

Some of these new elements we have introduced include:

  • Visible signage and wayfinding to indicate safe distances
  • Increased frequency and scope of cleaning and sanitization across campus
  • Reduced seating in pantries, common areas and meeting rooms
  • Provision of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to all members and employees
  • Reduced touchpoints in shared spaces such as pantries, toilets, and other common areas
  • Installation of touch-free soap dispensers
  • Installation of hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, and alcohol sprays at common areas
  • Creation of a Member’s mobile app (You can find the download link for this in the Resources section)

Additionally, our team is undertaking all the necessary steps to make sure TWC abides by the new workplace regulations issued by the Government. Read more these here.

Safety Management Officers (SMO) have been appointed to spearhead our efforts; to ensure everything is in order and to address any questions. They are:
SMO 1 (Josephine) [email protected]
SMO 2 (Wei Han) [email protected]
SMO 3 (Gobind) [email protected]

Our SMOs have been reaching out via phone calls and emails to let members know if your businesses have been permitted by the Government to resume operations. This is based on your business’s Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) code. You can find out more about SSICs and permitted businesses here.

We will need your help with a couple of things

  1. Updating your Personal details by 24 May 2020 by doing the following:
    – Log into your Member’s Portal
    – Head over to My Account
    – Fill in your Personal Details (especially the address & contact number)2. Updating us on your company’s safety measures. Please refer to our email dated 22 May for these details. If you have not received our email, please let us know at [email protected].

More details about the new measures being put in place to keep the TWC campus and community safe will be included in a Return to Campus Guide that will be emailed to you. A virtual town hall will also be organised prior to our re-opening.

If you have questions regarding returning to campus, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of our SMOs.

Once again, we thank you for your support and understanding during this difficult period. Keep healthy, stay safe, and we look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

22 April | Campus Update - Extension of Circuit Breaker Measures

Dear Members,

In light of the government’s decision to extend the circuit breaker period, we will be complying with recommended safe distancing measures beyond the initial 4 May deadline and will subsequently extend our revised campus protocol until 1 June 2020.

What does this mean for Members?

● Members will still need to abide by safe distancing measures.

● The Campus will remain operational for members and companies who have been granted exemption by the relevant government agencies.

● Members with status updates regarding their exemption status should notify us at [email protected] so that we can facilitate your access and support your presence on Campus.

● The Working Capitol Team will continue to update members on this webpage.

● Given the extended circuit breaker period, we will be offering a complimentary mail forwarding service for the month of May. Our team will be reaching out to your nominated point of contact shortly to get your preferred forwarding address. If you did not hear from us over the next 3 days, please reach out to us at [email protected] to update us with your preferred forwarding address. (*Only for regular size letter mail. Large parcels will incur a handling & postage fee.)

Rental Relief

The Working Capitol is committed to supporting you through during this difficult period by offering immediate relief wherever possible.

As we have yet to receive any form of reliefs from our landlords, the relief measures we are extending has come from team salaries and vendor cutbacks. While this has been challenging for our team and the other businesses we support, we hope that by doing this now, we can all come out of this situation together.

We have approached this relief package by balancing our empathy and compassion for our community while also safeguarding the sustainability of our business.

We will continue to persevere as we work hard to support you and your businesses to the best of our ability.

What about my May rent?

● Members will be granted an additional 15% or 20% discount for the month of May in the form of rental credits

● This is in addition to the 15% or 30% previously announced, which will still be applicable. Therefore,

• Members who previously received 30% will now get an additional 20% discount for a total of 50% in rental credits for the month of May.

• Members who previously received 15% will now receive an additional 15% discount for a total of 30% in rental credits for the month of May.

●  All members who signed up with us before 31st March 2020 will also be credited an additional month at the end of your tenancy to offset the month of April.

● Members in distress who require additional support should reach out to us by contacting our sales team at [email protected] and completing the form here. We will be in touch with you within 5 working days from receiving the form submission.

In the meantime, we stand in solidarity with all our members.

Stay positive, stay strong and stay healthy,

TWC Team

3 April | Campus Update - Circuit Breaker Measures

Dear Members,

We would like to update you on the new measures announced by the Government on 3rd April 2020, and are committed to working with you towards a sustainable solution as we walk the path of recovery together.

For those of you who have reached out to us, please be assured that your emails have been received and are currently being reviewed by our senior management.

We are aware of the uncertainty these new measures have on your ability to access our campus for the month of April, and would like to update you as follows :

● TWC will remain open from Saturday 4 April through Monday 6 April with 24/7 access for members to retrieve essential items from their office spaces, desks or storage cubbies.

● From Tuesday 7 April onwards, the TWC Campus remains accessible to members. However, as per Government regulations, only members who qualify as an essential service business or have the relevant exemptions to operate during this period should operate in the TWC Campus.  

●  Members who carry out Essential Services activities that are exempted from the suspension are allowed to continue using the TWC Campus provided you fulfill the following conditions:

(a) Submit details of your plans to operate with enhanced safe distancing measures in place via the official GoBusiness Covid Portal by 13 April 2020

(b) Inform TWC at [email protected] of your intention to continue accessing TWC campus.

(c) TWC will arrange a visit to inspect members’ office to ensure that you comply with safe distancing measures

● Members who do not fall under the Essential Services activities list but wish to continue accessing TWC Campus during this period should:

(a) Apply for an exemption via the official GoBusiness Covid Portal.

(b) Inform TWC at [email protected] upon approval of exemption by the Government

(c) TWC will arrange a visit to inspect members’ workspace to ensure that they comply with safe distancing measures

● TWC will concurrently clarify with the government and verify if all members can retain access to the campus. We will inform the community at large if we are granted this exemption.

In addition, we are committed to supporting our community to the best of our ability and will send out further notices shortly with details on our COVID-19 Rental Credits as well as other support we can offer our members.

Thank you for your kind understanding. Please stay tuned for further updates next week.

You may refer here for more information and FAQs about the latest government measures.

Stay safe,
TWC Team


23 March | Social Distancing Measures

In line with Government advisory, all members are to comply with keeping a 1 metre distance between individuals.

If you have questions about the advised maximum capacity of your office space (workspace) please ask our team.

To help with official contact tracing efforts, please download TraceTogether


20 March | Precautionary Update

Dear Members,

This is a precautionary update.

Our upmost concern these days is to safeguard our community and campus as we all weather these uncertain times. In the spirit of transparency and safety we would like to share this update out of an abundance of caution.

We were informed recently that 2 of our members may potentially have been in contact with a confirmed case at a fitness event last week.

Our team has been in touch with these members and we would like to share the facts of the incident below:

  • The members have not tested positive for the virus and have displayed no symptoms.
  • The event organisers informed our members out of extra precaution.
  • The members have not been contacted by the Government.
  • The members were last seen at 1 KS on the 11th(Wed) to 13th March (Fri) as they were only notified of the potential contact over the weekend.
  • Our team has notified all members who have been in contact with said members.
  • Said members have been in self-isolation at home after they were notified by the event organiser.
  • We have been in regular contact with the these members to monitor the status of their health.

On our part:

  • We will continue to conduct daily temperature checks at 1KS’s Reception.
  • We are deferring all non-essential travel and advise against any unnecessary personal trips overseas.
  • We have increased the frequency of the cleaning of common areas and bathrooms across the Campus.

We have no reason to believe we have any case or contamination at our Campus, but as an added measure, we have engaged an NEA-approved service provider to deep clean and disinfect the common areas.

We would like to at this point remind everyone to practice proper hygiene. Please take care of yourselves and each other and remember to be kind and calm as we all get through this together.

18 March | Additional measures by Govt

17 March | Declaration Form

Should you prefer to fill up our declaration form on your personal device, you can access it here. Please note that our front desk team at 1 Keong Saik Road will still need to verify the information you’ve provided.





1 Can I return to campus?

For the 1st phase of Singapore’s post-circuit breaker (effective 2nd June), companies are allowed to resume operations based on their SSIC codes. Resumption of business is also contingent on compliance with safe management measures. To find out more, please refer to this official resource

2 What measures should I follow for my office/team?

More information on the Government’s safe management measures can be found here. If you have any other questions regarding this, our SMOs can provide you with assistance. You can contact them here:

Josephine: [email protected] | Wei Han: [email protected] | Gobind: [email protected]

3 Will communal areas be accessible?

Communal areas remain accessible to our members. We have made some changes to help ensure safer shared spaces such as replacing our bread and spreads with cereal dispensers, encouraging the use of personal utensils, cups and plates and the provision of disinfectant wipes for wiping spaces before/after use. If you do forget to bring your own cups/utensils, not to worry, our front desk still have a limited quantity on hand and can help sort you out.

4 Can I still take meetings or have visitors?

You can continue to take meetings and have visitors. However, please note that official Government guidelines state that meetings should be minimised. All visitors also need to check in 1KS during front desk hours (Mon-Fri, 8.30am-6pm). Outside of these hours, members will need to pre-register  visitors by emailing us as [email protected] and will be responsible for ensuring they abide to using the SafeEntry check-in system and have their temperatures taken and recorded.