Thank You to Our Charitable Community!

Thanks to our community for supporting the member-led bake sale on the 20th of Jan last month. We were able to raise $500 for two well deserving causes both benefiting the rescue and care of Australian Wildlife – WIRES and WWF Aus.

You Are Where You Work

One of the most powerful ways of defining a vibrant culture and having your team live off it, is building one – quite literally – into your workplace. Let’s talk about how you are where you work, and how you can integrate culture into your physical environment.

Kaplan Kickstart Challenge 2019

We’re living in a glorious time where startups are mushrooming in large numbers, in Singapore and indeed the world. Technological breakthroughs have allowed us to solve our new age problems with new age solutions, influenced by numerous people from numerous domains – particularly the youth!

EYEYAH! App: A Sit-down With Steve Lawler

This time last year, I was walking along the streets of Auguststraße in Berlin, winding down a month’s holiday and torn between wanting to stay forever, and seeking for a taste at home. I see a bookstore very cheekily named do you read me?! and enter. Of the many titles that caught my eye, there laid a magazine, multicoloured and screaming out for love and attention. EYEYAH!, it was, and a taste of home. I picked it up, found myself a makeshift stool, and smiled the rest of my afternoon away into the zine – it was enchanting as it was enriching!

Pens Down: Our First Trivia Night

We held our first Trivia Night in The Working Capitol last week! We’re sure you’ve seen our posters online on our pages and offline in our space, or even live photos and videos on our Instagram from the night. If you haven’t though, we apologise, and we want to tell you more about why we hosted one, why it was a success, and why we’d want more of you to head on down for our next one!