Debunking Coworking Myths

Debunking Coworking Myths - Future of Work, The Working Capitol Blog

Despite the increasing popularity of coworking, it still remains a very misunderstood term. We decided to clear up the confusion and debunk 5 of the most common coworking myths.

3 Things Smart Marketers Need to Do in 2018

3 Things Smart Marketers Need To Do In 2018 - Business Fuel, The Working Capitol Blog

Amidst the whirlwind of predictions and trends for 2018, where should marketers really be focusing their efforts this year? We asked marketing experts from The Working Capitol community – Hootsuite, The Drum and Stylehaul – to weigh in with their thoughts.

Reimagining Keong Saik

Urban Design Workshop at The Working Capitol - Reimagining Keong Saik

What if you had the power to shape the future of your neighbourhood? Future Cities Laboratory recently conducted an urban design experiment at our Keong Saik location, so we decided to ask one of their lead researchers about the exciting new field of Citizen Design Science.

The 8-Hour Choice

The 8-Hour Choice - Future of Work, The Working Capitol Blog

Lawyer-turned-entrepreneur Rossella Frigerio penned an essay for The Working Capitol on a subject we don’t talk about enough: do we really need an 8-hour work day?

GuavaPass and the Future of Fitness

GuavaPass and the Future of Fitness - The Working Capitol

We caught up with Working Capitol member GuavaPass for insights into their success story, latest fitness trends, and the emergence of co-wellness.

On Innovation with the Zuhlke Group

Zuhlke has long been a name associated with innovation. Since its inception in Switzerland 50 years ago, it’s helped companies develop and implement new models and solutions that are increasingly related to the possibilities of data analytics, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence. We chat with the pair leading their entry into Asia.