Michelin Dining Guide to Keong Saik

We rounded up 5 restaurants along Keong Saik Road who are featured in the Michelin Guide – either starred spots or Bib Gourmands. Bon Appetit!

You Are Where You Work

One of the most powerful ways of defining a vibrant culture and having your team live off it, is building one – quite literally – into your workplace. Let’s talk about how you are where you work, and how you can integrate culture into your physical environment.

Our Top 8 Favourite Heritage Buildings in Singapore

Today, when people think of architecture in Singapore they probably think of Marina Bay Sands and other buildings that are now iconic modern representations of our little red dot. But being the nostalgic shophouse fans that we are, our focus remains on the gorgeous heritage buildings that still populate and inspire our beloved city-state. From Chinatown to City Hall, Orchard’s Emerald Hill to Fort Canning, we rounded up our top 8 favourite heritage buildings in Singapore.

Urban Ventures 2019

“Your grandfather road ah?” is what we throw out to someone taking their time on the roads in Singapore. They could be taking a while to cross the road, could be parking illegally, or really just doing something you’re not meant to be doing on the roads. It’s yelled out as an insult or jibe, but the premise of the phrase is quite simple; you’re doing something so unfathomably ridiculous on a road, that your granddad has to own that road for you to think you’ll be getting away with it.

Conserved, Preserved, Gazetted

“If we don’t preserve what we have now, in the next 20 years, it will be gone. All gone!”

Tony Chua has a word or two for us. He’s part of the Urban Sketchers community in Singapore, showing us the world one drawing at a time. You must’ve walked by him and many others of his community from time to time, paying deserved attention to our neighbourhood, and sketching away into their sketchbooks.

The Amazon: What Are We To Do?

Do you watch Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act on Netflix? If you don’t, you really ought to. Hasan’s approach to current affairs around the globe, albeit mostly in perspective of the United States of America, is charming, funny, articulate, and surprisingly poignant. Perhaps more so for me, seeing as I’d get his Desi references more than most, but still, he does painfully well in shedding light upon some issues that the media, and us, let slide through right under our noses.

Organised Chaos: Our Pub Crawl

We held our own pub crawl recently, haven’t you heard? We aptly titled it the Stupid Cupid Pub Crawl, a day before Valentine’s, to celebrate all of our horror dating stories over some drinks, and boy did we have fun.