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Apps we can’t do without


Let’s face it: Scheduling meetings can be quite the pain, especially because people’s calendars don’t seem to like to cooperate. Calendly takes out the time-consuming back-and-forth by helping your Google calendars do that connecting. Set your availability preferences in Calendly, then share your personal link with your colleagues or clients so they can schedule appointments directly into your calendar based on mutual availability.



Create to-do lists and reminders with Clear, a bright and colourful task manager app for your mobile devices so you’ll never forget that follow-up email, important business meeting, or replacement carton of milk again. You can create a number of lists for work, home, and more, and simply swipe and pinch to mark things off the list or add new items.

Available for both iOS and Android users



Regular meditation can do wonders for increasing awareness, improving focus, and reducing stress – which is why it’s hard to believe anyone who says they don’t need it.

Headspace offers simple and accessible guided meditations that will help you clear your mind to create a better balance in all areas of your life. Give it a shot with their ten free meditation exercises lasting ten minutes each. If those work well for you, you can subscribe for more sessions that range from two minutes up to an hour and focus on different goals like stress relief and cultivating appreciation.



With content coming at you from all directions these days with the same kind of projected urgency, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or at the mercy of your social media. Pocket helps you save the articles and videos that pique your interest for a later time that suits you. Best of all, you can save them not just from your browser but also from other apps like Pulse and Flipboard.



No more inadvertent Internet wormholes or pretending that you “don’t check Facebook.” This time management tool runs in the background of your computer or mobile device and clocks how long you spend on various tasks and websites. You can use it to set goals for the day, block distracting URLs, and send yourself detailed reports of your daily activity so you know exactly where your time goes.


7 Minute Workout

No time for the gym? No problem. The 7 Minute Workout allows you to get in a workout whenever and wherever with 12 high-intensity exercises that will burn fat, boost metabolism, and tone muscle. The app includes instructional videos that walk you through each exercise step-by-step, a timer, logs where you can enter your weight and track your progress, and a calendar where you can keep count of your workouts. All you need for the exercises is a wall and a chair – not even an Internet connection as you can access the videos even without that.

Available for both iOS and Android users