Being part of The Working Capitol means more than just having a space to work. With members spanning a wide range of industries and bringing different personal and professional experiences to the table, it’s also the perfect space to build connections and explore the ties that bind us all.

In line with the optimism of starting the new year, we reached out to our vibrant community to find out more about what their hopes and goals for 2021 are.

Irina Chuchkina, Marketing Director APAC, Rapyd

“Despite being a technology enthusiast, I’m also a collaborator at heart. In 2021 I hope to see the renaissance of the physical Communities and Collaborations. I want to see people coming together with the new energy, and rediscover the joy, excitement, serendipity, and spontaneity of person-to-person interactions. And I’m also hoping to contribute to that community spirit of TWC”

Rapyd is the world’s largest local payment network. With its Fintech-as-a-Service platforms, they provide hyperlocal solutions for businesses to grow and thrive.

Alicia Yoon, Client Success Lead, Intellect

“Having just relocated to Singapore 2 months ago, 2021 will indeed be a year of excitement for me as this new chapter of my life begins. My personal hopes and goals for 2021 are to continuously grow as a person as I work on my flaws and weaknesses, appreciate and care for the people closest to me, and contribute in whatever capacity I can to be a blessing to the wider community.”

Intellect is a mental health-tech start-up with the vision to help anyone be able to become their better self by working on their mental wellbeing.

Sarah McCarthy, Account Director, Bud Communications

“My hopes and goals for 2021, I could go on and on about this one, but I’ll try my best to keep it short and sweet! I never thought I would welcome small talk but I can’t wait to start attending networking events and conferences again, where the start of each conversation doesn’t begin with the latest COVID updates. 

But my number one hope/goal for the year is to be able to visit home. Like most of us living abroad, I’ve unfortunately not had the chance to see family or visit home in over a year. Originally from Dublin, I’ve been living in Singapore for the past three years and I’d love more than anything for travel restrictions to ease so that I can go home to visit Ireland at some stage in 2021 — my fingers and toes are crossed!”

Bud Communications is an independent technology PR and Content Marketing Agency that helps the most exciting and dynamic tech brands to tell stories that catalyse action

Zhi Liang, Product Designer, Seedly
Professionally, would definitely be to continue creating user-centric and meaningful product over at Seedly. Secondly, to reach out and contribute back to the local design community. If anyone is interested to discuss design-related topics, I’d love to connect! Finally, I just hope that in 2021, businesses and communities will rebuild and restore stability. Everyone to be happier and better than the last 🙂 

Seedly is Singapore’s largest personal finance community for young adults and Singaporeans.

At the Working Capitol, work-life integration extends beyond office walls. Taking up a space at our Campus not only allows members and their teams to have the choice of working from a quiet or more engaging space, it also allows them to be surrounded by like-minded, supportive individuals tuned in to making connections and fostering an environment for collaborative and meaningful work. 

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