Tech giant and Silicon Valley SAAS darling, Stripe first set down roots at The Working Capitol where they set up their APAC HQ in 2015.  Stripe grew from 4 to 90 pax within four years, and The Working Capitol stepped up to support their growth and size with each move. 

From a 4 pax office in our main Campus building at 1 Keong Saik Road, to becoming our first enterprise anchor tenant as we launched at the iconic 89 Neil Road, Stripe’s growth story is one of our proudest and inspiring to date.

In 2015, Stripe started out with a modest 4-pax office within our co-working Campus, in a private office in the main building of 1 Keong Saik Road.  Having just launched The Working Capitol, the Keong Saik neighbourhood was undergoing a rapid transformation into the destination locale we all know and love today.  With both Keong Saik, The Working Capitol and Stripe gaining momentum fast, this was truly a story of scalability and synchronicity at its best.

Why Stripe Chose The Working Capitol

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed about our Keong Saik Campus, it’s the reaction people have to the space on their first visit.  Many startups and corporates both large and small are left surprised by the tremendous amount of natural light, the use of design and the way we’ve implemented adaptive reuse to transform the heritage shophouse into a world class office space and co-working hub.  Stripe chose The Working Capitol because of its location, unique building, and the flexibility it gave them to scale up according to their needs. 

Our First Enterprise Anchor Tenant at 89 Neil Road

Stripe became the first anchor tenant at this iconic address, formerly the Tiger Balm Factory, and presently the home to Shake Shack’s SEA Flagship outlet.  They took the opportunity to grow with us into the 3rd floor of building with a custom fit-out that included phone booths, meeting rooms, server rooms and various lounge and communal areas.  With security, privacy and amenities at the top of their list, The Working Capitol provided a bespoke space to fit their growing teams’ needs.  Within only 6 months, Stripe was growing again – and took over the 2nd floor, becoming the largest anchor tenant in our Keong Saik Campus. 

It’s stories like these that make our hearts full – getting to support superstar members, and being a part of the growth story is what our business is all about.  We have since gone on to support over a dozen fintech companies at our Keong Saik Campus.  In 2020 alone, we have supported 2 fintech companies scale up within our space, creating customized solutions and spaces to facilitate their team’s growth.

This focus on fintech has allowed our business to remain resilient throughout a tumultuous year.  But when we look at companies like Stripe, Rapyd, Block One and Singsaver – it’s a great testament to how building a fintech hub has truly reinforced our community with a healthy ecosystems of fast growing businesses and top talent.

Wondering how your fintech business can benefit from becoming a member at The Working Capitol?

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