Work from Home, Remote Working, Home Offices… What used to be terms we only heard in passing have ended up being the new normal for 2020.

With the global workforce becoming exposed to non-traditional office arrangements, many have found that flexible work elements actually work best for many teams, across various sized organisations – from start-ups to departments of MNCs.

At The Working Capitol, we’ve always believed that there’s “no one size fits all” for work solutions. In fact, office spaces and work arrangements should always contribute to helping you do your best work.

Beyond function, the belief that office spaces need to be inspiring has driven us to ensure that our spaces are built with design and comfort in mind. One of our priorities at our Campus is creating holistic spaces that members want to keep returning to.

Last quarter, Our CEO and co-founder Ben Gattie shared some quick tips with Robb Report on how one might recreate this for their personal home office.

Ben touches on the importance using functionality as a jumping off point but also how listening to your aesthetic preferences helps create a space you enjoy and are genuinely excited spending time in. He also shares his thoughts on how to humanise office spaces by making them feel inviting and personal.

Beyond spatial design, The Working Capitol also believes in providing solutions to support flexible work arrangements. Our virtual office solution – WorkConnect provides you with a reputable business address and access to the space and its facilities when you need.

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